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The Bridge

You have a small boat and you need to cross a river with three items: a wolf, a lamb, and a bale of hay. You can only take yourself plus one item at a time across the river. The problem is, you cannot leave the wolf alone with the lamb, or the wolf will eat the lamb. Also, you cannot leave the lamb alone with the bale of hay, or the lamb will eat the hay. How do you get all three items across the river?
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  • FrozinFier (on 29/9/11)
    Dang it messed up
  • FrozinFier (on 29/9/11)
    1) Sheep
  • maximum (on 14/5/11)
    Hi everyone
  • kkdance (on 10/5/10)
  • jade21 (on 4/4/10)
    Just cuz of their teeth they caint eat hay?!?! Really
  • wheels57 (on 4/4/10)
    They can but not likely
  • CrazedGenius (on 4/4/10)
    They don't have the teeth for it, among other reasons.
  • jade21 (on 3/4/10)
    Y can't they eat hay?
  • CrazedGenius (on 3/4/10)
    You can't do that, magenta. The lamb would eat the hay. And as far as I know, wolves cannot eat hay.
  • jade21 (on 3/4/10)
    I nvr new dat
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