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Garden Problems

Sue is making a garden. She wants to have eight plants. Carrots, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Onions, Pumpkins, and Potatoes.

Because of lack of space in her yard, she must have the garden be a four by two rectangle.

After reading the labels on the bags of seeds, she found out some information about what plants can't be next to. She also decided where she wanted plants for easy tending and picking. Here is what she found and decided on:

•due to infection, carrots and potatoes must not be next to, or diagonal to each other.
•the lettuce and onions should be placed next to each other
•the onions need to be on the bottom right part of the garden
•pumpkins and cucumbers should be placed with at least one plant in between them so their vines don't entangle
•pumpkins should be placed diagonal from onions for easy watering
•Sue wants the potatoes next to the pumpkins since they both start with P
•tomatoes must not be next to pumpkins, but should be diagonal
•carrots must be placed on top of cucumbers
•strawberries must be on top of tomatoes

Where does everything go?

Hint: when something says 'next to' it can mean 'on top of' 'below' 'to the right of' or 'to the left of'
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  • U_P_Alicorn (on 10/8/15)
    I may be wrong, but you can switch the potatoes and lettuce, which is confusing,

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