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Brisingr's riddles

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The following riddles were submitted by a user for your enjoyment!

Mountains will crumble
Trees will fall
Nothing can survive
It's endless call
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My light lasts depending on my length
Jewel on black velvet
Pearl in the sea

Few can look upon his fearsome face without going blind
His voice is like thunder to my ears
Few can hear it without going deaf
His one eyed glare bores into my soul
The scowl he wears is darker than a thundercloud
Even his very presence chills my bones
Few are not driven insane
Consider yourselves lucky
You have survived an encounter with him

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Bronze in the sky
As the day begins anew
The pearl going towards the west
Taking with it, it's silver hue
The golden flame coming from the east
Bringing with it, a sea of blue
An army exceeding a million
Marches through the forest
Hunt prey bigger than themselves
Fearsome warriors they are
In their armor of black and brown
They leave no survivors in their path
Yet they are smaller than a your tooth
Glittering stars falling from the gray sea
Colorless spears adorning the roof
Smooth glass on the walls
A soft carpet that that crumbles when tread upon
And the sparkling dust that clings to the grass
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A Silver orb in the sea
Been around for a million years but no more than a month old

Comes from the earth
With none of its life
Molds by flame
With none of its light
Shaped by the wind
With none of its strength
Hardened by water
With all of its transparency

I will annoy ppl till they jump off a bridge
And I'm the kid who's imagination works overtime......
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