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A man forged in the fire of war
A murderous god who opened the door
When blood flowed like water
Cause he killed his own daughter
And their faces haunt him ever more.
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Blond as a goddess
a knife is what she needs
Not a sword or even a bow
Just a knife will do
She has a wonderful boyfriend
Although quite thick
He is powerful like the deep blue
She trains all day and reads all night
Never getting off that laptop
Afraid of Arachnids
But she is wise none the less

Who is she
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I am a word of letters three
To break the night I make my plea
I rise above
The day's my love
My light will shine eternally
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They fight, although they love.
One gets into trouble with a friend.
And the other yells.
An old Tv show.
That never gets old.
Ethel and Fred are always in the middle, I hope you enjoyed this riddle now riddle me this who am I?
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What droid gives horrible directions?
You may chase me, but I will always be about 3 miles away.

What am I?
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A crack in the wall but not IN the wall,
This was the crack that started it all.
Fish sticks and pudding with a unkempt male.
Secured a relationship never to fail.
The girl who endured a 12 year delay,
whisked off on adventures on the eve of her wedding day.
But soon everywhere the fractures expanded,
The husband fell through his existence disbanded.
The pandorica opens but who is inside,
The roman would know, for two thousand years he stood by its side.
Into the explosion and the cracks were closed.
The unkempt man was erased,
Yet the bride remembers and knows,
He's back.
But not for long,
At the lake of quietness the physician sang his last "song"
A spaceman, in the shadows of the silent order,
Kill them all upon vision, the words spoken on every recorder.
Melodys, songs, rivers, and ponds
A halfbreed child stolen, that still receives its parents loving bonds.
The spaceman changed time
But it was fixed she had to commit the crime.
The big man full of tiny people was shot but he did not die,
And alas the spaceman knew, for she looked into his eye.
On a day in the big apple this adventure would have to end,
Only one sobbing angle remained,
And with just one single touch,
the raggedy man lost his best friends.
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His rage is beyond comprehension,
Changing forms in the rising of tension
His purple shorts seem
To always stay clean
And give his butt some suspension.
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Pinocchio knows all too well,
How tall ears pick up every tell,
They have bodies like horses
(Though stay away from the courses)
And their "hee-hah" makes me want to yell
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In a realm of war and violence,
factions arise for religion and science.
It was mainly about peace
But with the guys on the streets,
They used some guns for safe guidance.
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