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Nose in books
Mind on school
Stands up for friends
She's never cruel

Amazingly smart
But brave all the way
Her friends are indebted
When she saves the day

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An awkward young lad
With orangish hair
Not as powerless as he seems
Death eaters, beware!

A pure-blooded family
His siblings are many
To stand out is hard
But he does it plenty
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A bolt of terror
Inscribed on his fore
Only his mother's love
Has saved him from gore

The boy who had lived
Through many a fight
So famous to wizards
A valiant sight
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A gamer, loved by all,
Plays scary games; Outlast,
Amnesia and Slender,
Some made him stop, aghast.

Most subscribed on YouTube,
Overtook all others,
The people are his bros,
Bros, but not his brothers.

Who is he?
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All waiting for the call,
What's the point of it all?
Many grasp the rope,
All with false hope
We'll carry nothing when we're done,
Is it only to have fun?
Where do we go, once we've departed?
Has our journey, only just started?
What's beyond this Earth?
Can someone tell me what it's worth?
Why do people struggle, in this place so vast,
When we all know, that it won't last?
A quarrel between men,
Things will never be the same again
Falling swiftly, a fiery rain,
All that makes us insane
What is done cannot be undone,
As clouds of smoke cover the sun
Comes in many forms,
Silence, disease, and storms
Remnants of a human wall,
Screaming with pain as they fall
Blood is freedom's stain
Something that should never happen again
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People who died
For their country's cause
And for their service
Many will applaud

They died for honor
On the land or bay
And will be forever remembered
By this day
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a man rode into town of Friday stayed for 14 days and left of Friday. How is this possible?
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The Liar President

--Dedicated to my "friend"-----------
--------Who destroyed my dreams--
----Yes, she is-------------------------
----------As bad as she seems-------

Her heart is cold as ice
I knew she wasn't nice
But she will pay the price
'cause lying isn't nice

She'll never be as smart
Or even good at art
I'll hit her with a dart
And take over the part

People are so dumb
I can't believe she won
She'll never see the sun
You watch your back, hon
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Light, fluffy and cool,
Can get you off school,
Can be used for fun,
Get it hot, it's gone.

Hydrogen doubled,
It doesn't cause trouble,
There's oxygen too,
Now joined, cold and new.

What is it?
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