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I was created magically
And I came to life
I found a man and a woman
Who were not husband and wife

They were searching for a woman
The woman who created me
I lead them to her
Where she was was a sight to see

The woman later died
I was happy when she was revived
But after summer came back
I almost died

The woman's sister saved me
Later I almost lost my nose
It was given back to me
And now the credits close

Who am I?

(Try rereading the first half)
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The restraining hand
It keeps us from going
From doing horrible things
Hard to live with

What is it ?
Shawn and Gus fight the Crime,
Lassy and Jewels fight alongside, even though lassy dislikes it, he let's Shawn, help solve all the crimes.

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What invention allows people to walk above water?
Ashley was reading her book. Before she finished it she already knew the ending. She did not skip to the end. No one told her. And there was no movie.

How did she know?
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I bring shame upon the famous,
I bring joy upon the viewers

I am spreaded over the web
Their carreers shredded

What am I?
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Whoever makes it tells it not
Whoever takes it knows it not
Whoever knows it wants it not

What is it?
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Can someone tell me the rules please, all I know is that you have to make up riddles.
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A man who seemed dark
But turned out to be good
All the love in his heart
Told to do what he should

He killed his old boss
And played for both sides
But died in the end
"You have your mother's eyes"
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An orphan boy
With white hair
He loved his mom
For her did he care

He became a l'cie
And learned to fight
Against the psicom
For the goal that was right
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