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Two different nations
Torn by a wall
Made of stone and iron
Across europe it stood tall

One side was free
The other was in chains
One's economy was great
The other always had pains

And so the day the two sides unite
Each nation's leader took the call
And so Mr. Gorbachev
---- ---- ---- ----
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I was first to discover,
I was the first to land,
In ol' America,
But later I was banned.

Mum was a Christian,
But dad was pagan,
America lost,
Before wars begun.

Who am I?
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A great human catastrophe
that turned people to
Vitality was lost.
Compassion came at a cost.
Towns of medieval
were cleared of its people
because of a dark presence...
a great pestilence...

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Twins abandoned at birth,
Left to die they would prove their lives worth.
Sons of the god of war Mars,
Raised by a she wolf they lived under the stars.
And one day the time came to take their lost throne,
to kill their relation and come onto their own.
They wished to establish a city as brothers,
but sadly they quarreled and one killed the other.
And that is the the story of brothers who came into their own,
And that is the tale of a city called ...
But sadly they
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This is a man who made many suffer,
Because they were Jews, he made their lives tougher,
He murdered,suffocated and oh, so much more!
Now based on these facts who is this man?
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I'm the first person that landed on the moon i said these famous words one small step for man one big leap for mankind.
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What black and white and you kick with your feet?
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In this infinite cube land
Stone, gravel, dirt, and sand
Build in the day, survive through the night
Craft some armor, you'll have to fight
Mine and mine until you can't
if you die you will rant
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An american actor
Who had great success
And when he was president
He always did his best

He fought the evil empire
And worked for what was right
And dreamed of the city on the hill
Every day and night
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The time to start over
To erase the board
Chalk in new words
And you'll not be ignored

Time for new instructors
Maybe classmates too
It will be so changed
But not really that new

New pencils and paper
Supplies for the year
The first week is fun
Then followed by drear
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