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Here on the block,
Ontario street,
Michigan avenue,
Eerie, deserted,
Superior houses
Just great...

What are they?
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Workers have to build a house in a town called Toyville. They begin by sorting out all their needed supplies, from wood to bricks to hammers. They're in great condition, given to them by the Mayor of the town. But the workers were shocked; the tools and supplies were toys! Yet they were still able to build the house. How?
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The stars are lights
That twinkle at night
The moon shines bright
For eternal delight

Whole and a full
The spirit inside
Can't control the monster
Like Jekyll and Hyde

A roar and a growl
Attack and breed fear
An ominous howl
Now, daylight is near

The night falls apart
The lights all burn out
Man once again
Clouded with doubt
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A killer at heart
Don't mess with the clown
Think you can take Him?
No, he'll take you down.

He likes to laugh
And always have fun
And he never stops killing
Until his crime is done
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Four legs in all
Only one body
Species of myth
Not at all shoddy

They may be wise
But they love to party
As ponies, they gallop
And as men they are hearty

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Black white black
Cookie cream
Eating this
Is like a dream

Flavors melt
Chocolate galore
The pleasing taste
Is to die for
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Mystical beings
From another land
They bring a fiery inferno
Their feathers, healers demand

And even if they die
They will always come back
For weakness and arrogance
Do these creatures lack
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~ is a plus sign
11 ~ 10 = 19 would seem false at first glance, but if you look closely, it is actually true. Can you explain how this is possible?

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What can't you run from--besides a shadow--no matter how fast you run?
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Chris and Alexis sitting in a tree

First comes love, then comes marriage.

Then comes an abrupt, tragic miscarriage.

Then comes blame,
Then comes despair,
Two hearts damaged,
Beyond repair.

Chris leaves alexis and takes the tree.

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