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People who died
For their country's cause
And for their service
Many will applaud

They died for honor
On the land or bay
And will be forever remembered
By this day
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a man rode into town of Friday stayed for 14 days and left of Friday. How is this possible?
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The Liar President

--Dedicated to my "friend"-----------
--------Who destroyed my dreams--
----Yes, she is-------------------------
----------As bad as she seems-------

Her heart is cold as ice
I knew she wasn't nice
But she will pay the price
'cause lying isn't nice

She'll never be as smart
Or even good at art
I'll hit her with a dart
And take over the part

People are so dumb
I can't believe she won
She'll never see the sun
You watch your back, hon
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Light, fluffy and cool,
Can get you off school,
Can be used for fun,
Get it hot, it's gone.

Hydrogen doubled,
It doesn't cause trouble,
There's oxygen too,
Now joined, cold and new.

What is it?
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Let it go
Let it go
Don't let it show
If you wear gloves
No on will know

Let it snow
Let it snow
Just run free and go
Leave the castle
To not let your _______ show
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A land where no one's older
And flying's how you go
Pirates, mermaids, crocodile
And never will you grow
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This isn't a riddle I'm dropping out of the comp
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I defy all laws of science
I have no vocal chords yet I talk
I use no energy yet I move
I have no muscles yet I walk
Without cells and a brain
I prance around
I came from the sky that fell to the ground

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Frail and small
Locked in a tower
Longing for her sister
Trying to control her power

The gates were opened
She tried to conceal
But soon enough
She began to feel

Her powers took hold
And soon flew the ice
She ran to the mountains
Made a palace that would suffice

She fought the intruders
With ice and snow
But Hans' intentions
She did not know

She whipped up a storm
To escape his grasp
But onto a sword
Did his hands clasp

She then thawed a country
And her sister's heart
The royalty of arendelle
She plays the part
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A man went jogging one day, and jogged around town for 30 minutes, yet when he finished jogging he had travelled nowhere.
How is this possible?
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