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When the sky is blue, I can see you...
When the sky is black, I fall back....
Try looking at me
from any angle,
and you'll hurt your eyes.
Don't look at me, guys!

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I stand above the rest
I fly up in the air
Show off my patterned vest
It's sorta kinda square

My colors spread apart
I showcase what I'm for
There's tons of me around
It's me, and me, galore!
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What's the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
I am owned by every man
Though my length differs
Their wives use me after getting married
What am I?
I am 3 simple words. 3 simple words. Such simple words. And yet life-
changing. What am I?
They are the true master race
Orange skinned and much more
The rightful rulers of the world
Now found in a grocery store
Vicious creatures
They caused Sandy Hook
Living underground
You'll just have to look
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What stands on four legs, found in kitchens, burns easily, and is less than human?
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What do you keep trapped in the dark, that happens to be incredibly strong? If you ever let it out, you will die. It is contained in a prison of flesh and bone.
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A small white creation
It comes once a year
Although it brings a storm
Usually no one can hear

Cold to the touch
Unless you wear gloves
Each one unique
And the color of doves
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A glorious fair
For the whole world to see
With inventions and art
And glorious trees

A city, so windy
Where the fair was built
Buildings looking golden
But covered in gilt

Increased population
Inside the city
But also the nation
The land of the free
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