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A loner, facing the wind,
Bearing the cold of a night,
The sun is missing today,
No horizon and no light.

Now he stands in this desert,
Watching the lights in the sky,
Stars shining down from above,
Such sights are in short supply.
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I'm not a plant, animal nor a man,
I'm not seen, yet by some I'm heard,
People think they see me in the dead of night,
But they don't try all they might.

Am I there after death?
You'll have to wait and see,
But you will only know,
When it's your time to go.

What am I?
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An island of black
Surrounded by a sea
Made Of various colors
With an outline shade free

A gap in the forest
A window to the inside
The forever patrolling sentry
Throughout your entire ride

What am I?
The worst thing ever
Do I want it,no never
It makes minutes feel like hours
Climbing up endless towers
It can only be brought down by fun
Not only a little just by a ton

What is it?

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The faction that stands strong
They hold all the smart
And even though they're intelligent
Most have a cold heart

They are the teachers
And the scientists too
And to control the other factions
That's what they strive to do
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Goddess of the fields
She brings you hearty food
And if it is winter or summer
It depends on her mood

She once helped the farmers
All across the land
And she guided the fruit
To the surface with her hand
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Here on the block,
Ontario street,
Michigan avenue,
Eerie, deserted,
Superior houses
Just great...

What are they?
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Workers have to build a house in a town called Toyville. They begin by sorting out all their needed supplies, from wood to bricks to hammers. They're in great condition, given to them by the Mayor of the town. But the workers were shocked; the tools and supplies were toys! Yet they were still able to build the house. How?
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The stars are lights
That twinkle at night
The moon shines bright
For eternal delight

Whole and a full
The spirit inside
Can't control the monster
Like Jekyll and Hyde

A roar and a growl
Attack and breed fear
An ominous howl
Now, daylight is near

The night falls apart
The lights all burn out
Man once again
Clouded with doubt
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A killer at heart
Don't mess with the clown
Think you can take Him?
No, he'll take you down.

He likes to laugh
And always have fun
And he never stops killing
Until his crime is done
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