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What's harder to close the wider it gets?
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What gets bigger as more and more is lost?
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I show things that can be funny, sad, shocking and other emotions.
Some people are obsessed some only go a few times.
I hold everything that someone wants to be shown.
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A man is moving towards a field. Yet, he knows when he gets there he'll die. What is the man doing?
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It's beginning to look a lot like distress
Harmful gases crack the shield
Make way for a green Christmas
Holes in the layer; the sun will not yield
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In the small town of Ginisburg, there lived a man, Ralph, his wife, Lani, and Twins Robbie and Randy. There was no easy way to tell them apart, other than a birthmark on the very middle of Randy's back. Than one day, one of the twins, Randy, was murdered. Only the local sheriff knew where the murder was and what every piece of evidence was, so he alone had to figure out who killed him. It was hard to come up with suspects, so he interviews everyone that he knew.

Ralph: it is a shame. I cannot believe he was murdered. I mean, being at church when it happened too.

Lani: *Sobbing* Oh, poor Randolph! He was so young! I cannot, I just...

Robbie: Ugh. You really need to interview me? Like I would kill my own twin. That is just wrong.

Walter, Best friend of Randy: Gee. He was murdered? How? Man... He was my friend....

Junie, Girlfriend of Randy: Wow. Can I tell you something? I was going to break up with him.

Who murdered Randy?
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It's the time during winter break
Where you spend more than you make
Wrapped gifts and flashing lights
Tools to enslave, the none too bright
Line the businessman's pockets with cash
While you add more junk to your own stash
Rushing like sheep, to buy things you don't need
The corporation's bank accounts, a good citizen must feed
A holiday that's been warped out of recognition
When it should be about prayer and submission
Turning people's faith into materialism,
Thanks a lot, capitalism

Bulbs on branches,
High in the trees,
Can I please have one of these?
A pony a puppy, and a kitty to!
Oh my thank you! They're shiny and new!
We gather together, to give and receive,
on this it's special to me.
Seven times seven he is,
And born with a gift
To speak with the spirits,
That are wandering adrift
The clairvoyant son,
Born of an unbroken line
Can look beyond this earth
And see the divine
A power not found in many
And it's here to stay
The innate ability
And no one can take it away
What is he?
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Which word is different from the rest?

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