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I watch over the galaxy
And stop evil with my might
I am but a human
Taken from his home in the night
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After stumbling over a log, I'm faced with the final problem. Suddenly, hit by several different powers, I sit stumped.

What am I doing?
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Why couldn't Anne frank do her homework?
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You stare at the knife
That will soon take your life
You eye the gun
Wondering why you are shunned
You consider the pill
You swoop in for the kill
Once they come across your corpse
They will drown in remorse
You don't have to do it
Reach out for help
People care for you somewhere
Life is not a living hell
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Why are we like this,
We're trying to fight this,
It will consume us all,
We'll either rise or we'll fall,

But sadly,
Some want it to badly,
They take it by force,
And cause much remorse.

I can destroy the world, get you killed, or teach you a valuable lesson. You encounter me every day, yet never assume my importance. I am the most important thing a person can do.
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At a dark plateau, men in white break the world. Invaders of brown jerky and pale masks attack a mute who fights back with physics and bullets.
What am I?
I frolick along the babbling brook, searching for the something my godfather took.

What is wrong with this statement?
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Just putting this out there to see if anyone still checks this app.
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You're under your covers, curling up in fear
Repeating over and over in your head, "He's here."
You stare at me, I come near
As you scream, I cackle and jeer
Your parents barge in and I disappear
Your parents console you as you peer
At the corner where I was, was I real?
No, your parents say, and your dad kneels

After comforting words you go back to sleep
Yet you still lie there, thoughts of me you weep
You'll forever be haunted by my soulless eyes
And the gnawing question: who was I?
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