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Oily, crunchy,
And tender i am,
Made by a kernel,
That never was,
Through the years,
These 11 herbs,
Have made me famous.
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All is dark,
Without a sliver of doubt,
As you near the end,
Of a perilous journey,
A single word may save you yearning,
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With lies and deceit,
its power we seek,
Through a glint in our eye,
We see a common chair,
Classified by our likes,
And thrown into an assembly,
To better our life,
A referendum must take place,
In this grapple for power.

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What starts with the letter a, ends in the letter z, and has more than 8 letters?
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*Warning: This riddle requires scientific knowledge!*

A science teacher was demonstrating to his class that mixing elements created certain compounds. He mixed carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, cobalt, lanthanum, and tellurium. Now, sticking to the concrete rules of science that said that eating anything you experiment with is dangerous, the teacher warned his students not to eat the mixture. But when the chemical reaction had completed, the students recognized a familiar substance. Ignoring their teacher's rules, they ate the new substance. What was the substance?
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Why are you never alone?
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A time to remember
It comes once a year
And every time it comes
It brings great cheer

It's a special moment
For you to celebrate
And when it finally comes
It'll bring a smile to your face
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A fiery spirit
To match her red hair
She fights for a cause
And does it with flair

Powerful will
To blast through the bad
She does keep her cool
Though sometimes she's mad

The girl loved by Potter
A chaser for life
Loving and caring
A wonderful wife
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I act as the mountain
'Tween two pools of white
Rocks fill the middle
A colorful sight

I bridge in some cases
But sometimes I'm flat
You can't say I'm nosy...
But I can be fat

What am I?
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Think very very VERY hard.
Hint: it's three words

There are four guys who's names are in the title. There was a job that Everybody had to do. Anybody could've done it but Nobody did it. Somebody got mad about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody told Somebody that Nobody did it. Everybody yelled at Somebody and Nobody blamed Anybody because Everybody knew. What did Somebody do?
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