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Something that's always there at night,
Something that supports your head,
Something that can absorb your tears,
Something that you can replace your friend
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This ain't no dictatorship
This ain't no tyranny
Wrenches control from the elite
And gives it to the hands of many
A glorious idea
That cannot go wrong
To end poverty
It ain't gonna take long
We're all brainwashed to hate this
Cause we're paying taxes, eh?
Well such thinking like yours
Could ruin the day

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A heathy snack but an obnoxious race.
Keep this going, I'll put a mace in your face.
My jimmies have been rustled now its done.
Please stop rusting this isn't fun.
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When the sky is blue, I can see you...
When the sky is black, I fall back....
Try looking at me
from any angle,
and you'll hurt your eyes.
Don't look at me, guys!

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I stand above the rest
I fly up in the air
Show off my patterned vest
It's sorta kinda square

My colors spread apart
I showcase what I'm for
There's tons of me around
It's me, and me, galore!
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What's the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
I am owned by every man
Though my length differs
Their wives use me after getting married
What am I?
I am 3 simple words. 3 simple words. Such simple words. And yet life-
changing. What am I?
They are the true master race
Orange skinned and much more
The rightful rulers of the world
Now found in a grocery store
Vicious creatures
They caused Sandy Hook
Living underground
You'll just have to look
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What stands on four legs, found in kitchens, burns easily, and is less than human?
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