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*read in frightened voice for affect*

I look back,nothing just a couple trees and the moon over the horizon. I look back forward trees as far as the eye can see. After about a mile I spot a house. I know I must not go in but a chance to survive may await inside. Nothing. I continue my journey down the old path and pass a sign. Run,it says,before its to late. I must find 7 more before its to late. I see a man staring at me. I stare back at I'm. He has no face. Nothing but a cream white mask. He is tall and skinny...black...a can no longer see. I'm dead.

What game am I playing?
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Color of hair
Color of eyes
DNA calls it
For both girls and guys

Tall or short?
Dark or pale?
Genetics controls
Those on every scale

It's not just your look
Personality, too
Who you've become
And what you've been through
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Smooth and silky
Velvet taste
When eating this
Do not make haste

Divine flavor
Cacao cream
Made to savor
It's like a dream

All different flavors
The lightest to dark
Can be made into brownies,
And peppermint bark

I'll eat it all day
I'll eat it all night
Truly delicious
_________ delight

(Answer goes in blank)
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You can see it it's now here
I hope it shows bright and clear
It separates noob from pro
It separates friend from foe
Something frozen in time
Some are great some are fine
I hope it shows bright and clear
Can you see it now its here

What is it?
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I am you,
You are you,
Are we one?
No, we're two.

Look at you,
Look at me,
The answer,
Plain to see.

Tall or short,
I can't lie,
All finished?
Then goodbye.

What am I?
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You've stumbled upon another castle. This one only has four rooms, but the guard count has doubled. Guards are marked with an arrow that points in their direction of sight. If you go into that direction of sight, the guard will kill you. Your objective is to get out through the exit alive. You can go in and out of a room as many times as you want. This time, you cannot go through walls, but you can change the direction of one guard. Whose guards' direction should you change in order to escape the

| | |
| | |
| ^ ^ |
| < | > |
| | |
|------- ---------------- --------
| | |
| < | ^ |
| > < exit
| | |
| | |
------- ------------------------------
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My most favorite game of all
In the shape of a cube and never a ball
Not only addicting but really fun
Every one has a pocket as big as the sun!
Cobblestone,dirt,and sand
Ready? Mine,build,and craft it's so grand
After all this really bad rhyming
For can you guess what it is
Totally can't come up with anything

So what am I?
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Perhaps it's not a riddle
Or maybe it's a hint
There is no actual answer here
And you will have to squint
To see the riddle's answer
Oh, it's written in plain sight
Each and every first of line
Stacked in word form, if you might
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The death of a soul
That was never alive
With only one goal
And that was to survive
Dodging obstacles
With no end in sight
Many did not make it
Through the night
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Between two skilful people,
An elegant dance takes place,
This dance can be fast or slow,
Its partakers set the pace,

Moving with precise timing,
The couple put on a show,
Their dance could be dangerous,
It's deadly if you're too slow.

Then one pounces forward in rage,
Charging straight toward their foe,
His masked rival acts quickly,
Dodging, striking a straight blow.

The game is over, it's finished,
And our victor kept his cool,
But his foe acted too slow,
Now he has been made a fool.

What am I witnessing?
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