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A certain truth
That is certainly true
It seperates us from opinion
To tell us who

Magazines may deny it
But The truth always comes through
And in any case
It shall always be true
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Light no longer stays
children cease to laugh and play
trees more bare every day
their cloths have fallen to decay
north wind blows again
the drumming on the roof has no end
brother winter peeks round the bend
Who am I?
We love to be brutal and we'll never die
We hate the emos all they do is cry
We have glorious long hair
Insult our heroes you wouldn't dare
Running low on intelligence,
Our words might make no sense
Most are mistaken as satanists
Well at least we don't slit our wrists
We love to bang our head
No one leaves us till they're dead
We may be an ugly bunch
But watch it, I eat people like you for lunch
Black is our attire, we fight fire with fire
We sing along with Death, till our last breath
We love to look at gore, and I need to find more
Now I ain't gonna lie, but there's gonna be no more mr.niceguy

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The utensil made
To write people's wrongs
And the end of a pencil
Is where it belongs
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>Be 1923
>Mother Russia
>Communist Master Race
>Take peasants wheat
>whoever resists goes to gulag
>Mfw Germany tries to stop us
>war mode activated
>the allies join us
>Rekt Waffen SS
>Bully the fuehrer
>Moar wheat
>Moar socialists in gulag
>Don't mess with the Commies
>Who are we?
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A soul amidst darkness and fear,
In her mind, nothing is clear.
The kindness is killed and scorn resides,
Something different from lighter times.
All she can see is black and white,
Attacks of anxiety wrack her mind.
Her wrists are scarred,
Her vision marred
By twisted ideas of beauty and worth
Slowly it reaches her heart and gets worse
If only she could be beautiful and free
Then maybe she wouldn't turn to me
Caged my her mind, blinded by her eyes,
If you think you know, then who am I?
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The young prodigy
A shy teenage girl
Playing the strings
Cello was her whole world

Until she met him
A punk-rocker boy
They fell into love
And she was filled with joy

Until one day came
Her family drove
But never got there
Into snow they dove

The crash killed her parents
Little brother, too
She had to choose life
Or die on the bed
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They all try to look the same
all try to give themselves a name
pick on the boy who is all alone
just because his identity is his own
what has this world come to?
all this wrong that people do
just for the image they want to show
down the evil path they seem to go
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I work as a fast food chef
I live in a small town
My coworker hates me
I cannot drive
I have 2 real friends
One is mentally challenged
The other is a scientist
She is from the south
And uses metaphors

Who am I?

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Some riddles rhyme
And some do not
But this one does
So let's give it a shot

It is in this riddle
And in here
Yet it surrounds everywhere
And is found in the rear

I hope you payed attention
But you probably got it I reckon
If you don't know yet
Read a second... Time
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