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From birth until death
Until it's the end
Takes its final breath
With time left to spend

Too early to perish
A grave wasn't needed
No time left to cherish
Even with Death they pleaded
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Standing, looking out,
The empty wasteland,
A sad vacant space,
Where few take a stand.

A village ahead,
Small, simple and sad,
Once was a city,
That makes me so mad.

The streets are deserted,
No one stays here long,
Save a few veterans,
Who can hear my song.

What am I looking at?
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Soft and fluffy with a decorative case to help you make haste rarely remembered beside your prayers and through the night it will always protect you with a warm embrace
I bring us together,
I tear us apart.
I've got issues and drama,
love and art.

I'm constantly used
and also abused,
but at least I've got people
who care about you.
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On the trail of a runaway teen, I enter a woods, stumbling through bushes, hopping over logs and ducking under branches. Suddenly, I stop. I have the feeling I'm being watched, yet there isn't anyone around. From where I'm standing, I look into the bushes that surround me. Not a soul. Just then I see something move, a streak of red-orange. I'm looking for a child, but something tells me to follow this trail. I race of into the bushes...

After 15 minutes, I'm beginning to feel like I'm on a wild goose chase. As I continue on, stopping every few seconds, I hear nothing. All at once, I hear birds crying out overhead. Looking up, I see a bird fly past with amazing speed. I follow in its wake as small birds flee from this monster. I know I need to follow this track however obscure it may be. I charge off through the trees...

I lost sight of him. I keep searching, even though it seems pointless, I carry on walking through the woods. As I come to a river, I stop and look out at the slow-moving water only to see a single otter paddling round slowly. As it sees me it turns and paddles to the opposite shore. It walks behind a bush... And out dashes a fox. The fox looks at me, knowingly. It seems to be grinning at me, mocking me. As I pull out my gun in rage, he rushes off through the trees. I lose sight of him as he runs off through the trees. Then I see the boy I'm looking for, looking at me, grinning, as he runs away through the trees.

Taking everything into account, who was I chasing?
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The red planet,
But not quite red,
It's butterscotch,
Scientists said.

Compilation of stars,
One Is called the whirlpool,
Not just stars, planets too,
And I know they look cool.

There's a law for this,
Have this late at night,
Watch the clock, waiting,
Wait to take a bite.

You will need this,
To take a rest,
You should have some,
To be the best.

Our galaxy,
So far and wide,
The only place,
Where we abide.
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What moves in all directions without actually moving?
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Starting, let's begin with two,
Yes, I think that's what we'll do,
Let's decipher this riddle,
Let's find two in our fiddle,
And find an answer quite soon,
Because it is one per tune,
Looking deeper in rhyming,
Each line needs constant timing.
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Losing their mind
They're out of control
And they don't go to prison
Or even get parole

They spend their lives
In a cushioned cell
And their life and mind
Is a living hell
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*read in frightened voice for affect*

I look back,nothing just a couple trees and the moon over the horizon. I look back forward trees as far as the eye can see. After about a mile I spot a house. I know I must not go in but a chance to survive may await inside. Nothing. I continue my journey down the old path and pass a sign. Run,it says,before its to late. I must find 7 more before its to late. I see a man staring at me. I stare back at I'm. He has no face. Nothing but a cream white mask. He is tall and skinny...black...a can no longer see. I'm dead.

What game am I playing?
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