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I stand proud and tall
An immigrant salute
A torch, ablaze in one hand
A welcome from a mute
A gift to show friendship
The bond oh so strong
Conceived in our liberty
And meant to stay long
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People who have lots of fun.
Right here right now there is only one.
Right here on riddle me this.
Mom, dad, brothers, and sis.

Who are we?
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I drift through the air
To spread all the seeds
Carefree, I root
And grow as I please
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Someone were love is never.
Someone who will be hated for ever.
Some are more serious,
and some just play.
Doing things like me is the worst way.
I never know right from wrong.
My words are tormenting like a sirens song.

If you see me attack.
Make the right act.
For my victim is week.
suffering is all I seek.

Who am I?
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Flip my switch and I will glow
I live a long life but never grow
I stay this size for many ages
When I break there will be rages
Stare at me and I'll bring a tear
Once I'm lit it's bright and clear

What am I?
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Let's say you are being stabbed in the leg by a knife constantly. What do you do to stop getting stabbed?
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If you were here a lonnng time ago, like 2 years, who's still here? It's been forever and I haven't been on this app and I'm just curious
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I have 3 hands but no arms
I make a sound whenever you say
To stop me put me to sleep
If you pull the end of my tail I die
And I start my work at night

What am I?
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It moves around in circles.
We see as we turn.
It keeps us almost warm.
Always alive and always dying.
Across the sky we see it flying.
But touch it and we burn.
With great intelligence
She learned quite quick
And for the academy
She was the top pick

She loves a boy named eren
Who once saved her life
From 3 murderers
An angel of strife
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