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Get on me and ride the lightning
Lets see what high voltage will bring
I'm sending you on a one way trip
My power ain't givin' no one any slip
Thunderstruck you'll be
Don't worry I'll set you free
I'm the throne of the wretched
Theres many good souls I've fetched
Maybe y'all gonna ride me some time
Punished for the thing, that was your crime

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I'm a circle of varying height
Every weekend my occupants fight
A battle of death
Many breathe their last breath
While a crowd cheers in broad daylight

What am I?
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They know all your secrets
They are at your house
They've slept in your bed
They've borrowed your blouse
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What has a neck that's about the height of it's body, and a head that's about the height of your hand?
I'm the greatest scholar
Of the ones created
In this movie "series"
It can't be debated

I loved to read books
Of lands far away
I went on an adventure
To save my father's day

In return to free him
My freedom was lifted
Instead of going home
A cell, I was gifted

The man of the prison
A prince in disguise
Fell in love with me
And brought the beast's demise
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Sometimes I stand tall,
Sometimes my back's hunched.
I sway to and fro,
But my feet stay planted to the ground.
My hair weighs like feathers
My body weighs much more
No one cleans me,
and I don't need to be.
If you're reading this, then you have it, and you don't want others to see
It has all your secrets that no one should find out, and yeah it's happened to me
We try to remove it, but it never truly goes away
It keeps piling on, only to haunt you another day
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I'm a hypocrite
And an epic fail
Man the harpoons
Here comes the big red whale
I'm a feminist
And have a big mouth
Try to argue with me
And things will go south
I hate religion
And everyone's a fuckface
All men are pigs
And are a disgrace
Who am I?
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I'm hyper all day,
And sleep at night,

Sometimes I'm big and sometimes I'm little,

Sometimes I have fur,
And sometimes I have hair,

And sometimes I'm soft,
And sometimes I'm not,

Even though I come in all shapes and sizes ,
I'm the same at heart.

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I lazy all day,
And stalk at night,
I'm warm and fuzzy,
You hold me tight.