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Im in the center
where everyone can see,
all of the treasures
I hold for thee.
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A detective
Dead I may be
In fact a skeleton
But who cares about that
I use my magic
With Valkyrie
I am an elemental but also
A necromancer too
He may hide that for he himself
Fought his best friends
The skeleton detective he is

Who am I?
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Which of the following words does not belong with the others?

Bonk, gateman, keels, denim, raven
avid, debut, was, pins, redrawer, wolfer
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Smart and amazing
Can solve anything
Deducing is key
Criminals all flee
My brother's like me
We all work as three

Who am I?
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The one who forgot
But he towers them all
He use to be evil
But then he went in Lethe
And forgot all about him
The demigods that did this to him
Didn't even visit him
Left to be a janitor for hades
The only one who visits
Is the one death boy
But he remembers it all
When he goes down to Tartarus

Who is he?
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A man forged in the fire of war
A murderous god who opened the door
When blood flowed like water
Cause he killed his own daughter
And their faces haunt him ever more.
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Blond as a goddess
a knife is what she needs
Not a sword or even a bow
Just a knife will do
She has a wonderful boyfriend
Although quite thick
He is powerful like the deep blue
She trains all day and reads all night
Never getting off that laptop
Afraid of Arachnids
But she is wise none the less

Who is she
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I am a word of letters three
To break the night I make my plea
I rise above
The day's my love
My light will shine eternally
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They fight, although they love.
One gets into trouble with a friend.
And the other yells.
An old Tv show.
That never gets old.
Ethel and Fred are always in the middle, I hope you enjoyed this riddle now riddle me this who am I?
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