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It travels a great distance
To come around a star
And even with just your eye
You can see it from afar

And when it does come back
In 2062
The sky will glow once again
A deep brilliant blue
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It goes in pools
To keep them clean
On the periodic table
It's seventeen
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Hi im new to this app and I don't know what to do help
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I can create and destroy, but I'm easy to break.
The king moves forward
Not much time left
If he will live or die
It's if the player is deft

You must use your brain
To win this fight
And you must take your time
To move pieces right
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I think of this odd rule,
Believe me, it's not cool,
Even though it's not true,
Finding a hint, a clue,
Overall, though it's weird,
Really it shouldn't be feared,
Evil would disobey,
Either believe or Pei.

What rule am I thinking of?
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Chasing the leader,
But not in a race,
Not in any game,
'Up the ladder' chase.

Up now, one by one,
Try to reach the top,
Some came to a halt,
Don't do that, don't stop.

What is it?
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It always pulls
It will never push
And if it was harder
We'd all turn to mush

It keeps us on our feet
Each night and day
And it keeps us on earth
So we don't float away...
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From birth until death
Until it's the end
Takes its final breath
With time left to spend

Too early to perish
A grave wasn't needed
No time left to cherish
Even with Death they pleaded
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Standing, looking out,
The empty wasteland,
A sad vacant space,
Where few take a stand.

A village ahead,
Small, simple and sad,
Once was a city,
That makes me so mad.

The streets are deserted,
No one stays here long,
Save a few veterans,
Who can hear my song.

What am I looking at?
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