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What's black and white and played all over?
Fall or stand, who will win?
People try to get in,
Some try to keep them out,
That's what I'm all about.

You won't find me everywhere,
When damaged, I need repair,
Built in stone, but first in wood,
I defended those I could.

What am I?
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If you don't like it,
Then you're wrong!
'Til we're banned,
It won't take long
We don't care,
What you say
Our jokes,
Will ruin your day
Fuck the emos,
Fuck the bronies,
We don't give a shit
About your problems and your ponies
We are the rustler of jimmies,
9/11 was fun
Eric Harris is our hero,
And we still ain't done
We are twisted,
And love your pain
Nothing can defend you,
From our reign
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Oh, everyone wants me--
I can make you very happy.
Some people use me wisely,
But others just abuse me.
I live in lots of places,
'existed through many ages.
And I have lots of faces,
All of which are famous.
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I stand in the path
Of whoever chooses
To embark on my terrible journey

I will happen, without a doubt
But exactly when
Is not certain

I end dreams
Instill horrid memories
But in the end
(And I am the end)
I create new beginnings

What am I?
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Never odd or even.
Rise to vote sir.
Not a tub but a ton
A Toyota. Race fast, safe car. A Toyota.
Live not on evil.
No lemon no melon.
Yo banana boy.
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There will be 4 rounds with changing rules and variations depending on how creative my brain wants to be

We currently have 5 contestants and all of our judge's slots are filled

If you still want to enter just join in but beginning at round 2 no one can join

This round has no theme or restrictions, write the best riddle you can think of.

July 1st at midnight is the deadline to submit a riddle.
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Hips up, he's human
With horns on his head
Legs covered in fur
And hooves on the end
Protector of Percy
He fights for his friends
And searches for Pan
To make his amends
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Small but strong
They march along
In rain or shine
They're doing fine

They like to eat
Their sugar treats
But anything dead
Is not to dread
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Hello ladies and germs *crowd groans*

I believe it's about time I hosted the next riddle competition. In this competition each round will have a theme and since I very much like jesterfox's idea I will borrow it


Just like in jesterfox's you will be scored and that score is added to a total, player with the highest score at the end wins.

I need 2 more judges and one back up if anyone actually wants it, first come first serve for the judges

Judges and contestants listed in show answer.

I'll give like 5-7 days to join depending on how many people join.
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