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The apex of future inventions,
It might betray its creator's intentions,
For all of the Toms,
Seeing all of the moms
Who are trying to change in discretion.
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What happens when a frog illegally parks
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Run silly boy run
All I do is run
I wear a bow tie and sometimes a fez
But all I do is sonic things silly
I have a blue box that's bigger inside
I run all day die each night only to realise it's ok to change
As long as you remember who you use to be

Who am I?
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I'm an awful enemy,
And yet a very good friend,
I enjoy wreaking havoc,
And destroying to the end.

I will eliminate foes,
But use me wrong, and you'll pay,
Because no one is my friend,
So I'll kill you any day.

What am I?
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Working underground,
Deprived of sun,
Surrounded by darkness,
The walls could collapse,
Forced into this life,
Things are uncertain,
They're trapped,
Above them is the sun
All they need to do is rise,
Not all survive,
Purge the darkness with a lamp,
Build the ladders of freedom,
Grip the ropes of security,
Leave behind no souls,
And see the light
A bond made in chaos
Just meant to be broken
A partnership formed
Few words to be spoken

Protection from others
They must coincide
It might come in handy
When there's nowhere to hide
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A room filled with spears and blades
Spend your time here, as home fades
Before the arena you must prepare
But as a knife is stolen, just beware
Look, don't worry just shoot straight.
The things you do here decide your fate
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Ayyyye sorry it took a while kind of got a lil tiny bit addicted to minecraft again... Dat EULA doh... #Saveminecraft2014

Anyway, sooo now round 1 has ended all the scores in the answer section, BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE.

Round 2 will begin with a rule .-. I found a handaxe in my garage and I threw it for 3 hours, err I wanted to be johanna mason and now I'm readdicted to the hunger games...

BACK TO SUBJECT, due to my axethrowing all round 2 riddles must have the theme of hunger games or they shall get a zero .-.
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An explosion of lights
On a very special night
They soar up and up until they pop
They are magical things no one can top
Different colors, to different designs
I'll watch them and watch them until I drop
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What's black and white and played all over?