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The young prodigy
A shy teenage girl
Playing the strings
Cello was her whole world

Until she met him
A punk-rocker boy
They fell into love
And she was filled with joy

Until one day came
Her family drove
But never got there
Into snow they dove

The crash killed her parents
Little brother, too
She had to choose life
Or die on the bed
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They all try to look the same
all try to give themselves a name
pick on the boy who is all alone
just because his identity is his own
what has this world come to?
all this wrong that people do
just for the image they want to show
down the evil path they seem to go
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I work as a fast food chef
I live in a small town
My coworker hates me
I cannot drive
I have 2 real friends
One is mentally challenged
The other is a scientist
She is from the south
And uses metaphors

Who am I?

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Some riddles rhyme
And some do not
But this one does
So let's give it a shot

It is in this riddle
And in here
Yet it surrounds everywhere
And is found in the rear

I hope you payed attention
But you probably got it I reckon
If you don't know yet
Read a second... Time
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>Home of the demented.jpg
>Land of the politically incorrect
>Complain as much as you want
>Your words will have no effect
>Try to get our sympathy
>And we'll treat you with scorn
>Come and visit us.png
>Your dreams will be torn
>Rustling your jimmies
>We love your pain
>All your efforts to get rid of us
>Will end in vain
>Having no remorse
>We're on the highway to hell
>We leaked those pics,
>If that rings a bell
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It happens at school
Before the end of semesters
It's dark and I hate it
But so does everyone
My name is part of a horror franchise
Where all the characters die
My name is why it is
Before the end of semesters
When you get to the last of me
The first part of that
Is what I am
When you add an S

What am I?
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I have 6 seconds yet I have a lot of time
People laugh when they're on me
I show them things that make them laugh
I may send messages that people give me
I am loved by everybody
And they give me short videos
I am green yet on the inside you may change color
And I use two cameras

What am I?
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Sins I forgive,
Wishes I answer.

In a book I am described,
My son is my pride.

In me you can trust,
hower not everyone chooses too.

I bring faith among my followers.

What am I?
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Push down the knob
Then up it pops
Golden crispy grain.
Zap you will go
If you touch it with a fork
Electrocuted your brain.

The irrational fear
Of a household appliance
It's a crazy thought; or is it?
The fact that a person
Can fear such an object
Why the notion is just so exquisite!
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I've been here for years
On and off you see
Some people liked
And some hated me

Now I don't know
Who else is still here
Where are all my old friends?
I see them nowhere

But now I'm back
And I'm here to say
That I missed you all
And I wanted to yell hey

At all of you folks
Whether you know me or not
I've been a member for so long
A friend, frenemy, and mod.

So now I am back
For long or short, who knows
But I'm here and I'm alive
Wherever this app goes...

Who am I? (:
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