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your energy makes me glow,
makes me feel all warm inside -
though now i'm just for show,
i was once useful in your life.
i once stood in your presence,
tall and fresh and good -
nowadays you wear me down,
i wear a shrunken hood.

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A young woman was found dead in her California apartment. There were traces of a powerful, deadly neurotoxin in her blood and an empty bottle of the poison was found on the bedside table beside her bed. She was found sprawled across her bed, nearby the bottle of poison. Beside her bed were a fully packed suitcase and plane ticket for a flight later in the day she died. The coroner ruled the death suicide, but one detective pointed out how this death had to have been murder. From what did he draw this conclusion?
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If you have an assortment of high speed land and water vehicles, how long will it take you to travel from one corner of the Earth to the other?
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On this very day, a special event occurred.
A new face, new life, someone priceless arose.
Someone of great importance, which we all know.
This day is special because it is their day.
What is the event I speak of?
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What do you call a horrible investigator?
Why do they have to out gates around cemeteries?
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What do you call an alligator in a vest?
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How did the Italian chef die?
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When you have a lot of homework you can still say "I'm going to bed early _____"
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I am up when you are down
I am down when you are up
I am gone when you are happy
But ever present when you're lonely.