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Lace up your boots
Guards off the blade
Stepping right on in
An ice cascade

Pushing and gliding
Streaking the ice
Wind blows in your face
It feels very nice

Crossover now
And maybe a jump
An axel or lutz
You're not one to stump

Spin for the last
A camel or two
And now you are done
...well, maybe just a few...
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Furry, four-legged
Playful and sweet
Barking and playing
If you give it a treat
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A music hall of prestige
Of the finest grace
Only the prestige are allowed
With the finest taste

Thousands attend
To hear the fine art
And in the world of music
This hall is the heart
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This is not a repost! Read the answer before hating or modding this!

Coals and embers
Burn into light
A flickering ____
Is truly a sight
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A mathematician receives a note asking her to simplify an expression. After looking at the note she realises it's a love note from her secret admirer. The expression is:

How is this a love note?
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Here is a series of clues that will lead to a word. For example:

Scream, shout, ____ (yell)
___, that hurts! (ow)

yell plus ow = yellow

Solve all of the clues, then answer the question at the bottom.

1. Before you sit
Um... eh...
Opposite of night

2. It's out when the moon's hidden

3. They are getting married. They are about to ___
Where a bird lives -t
Rhymes with pay

4. "Twos"
24 hours

5. Tea
7 of 'em per week

6. French ___es
___light savings

1. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. _ _ _ _ _ _
3. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6. _ _ _ _ _ _

According to the pattern of answers, which one is missing?
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Leader of the country
Of the once great rome
Once the war was over
He was killed in his home

The glory of Rome
He tried to restore
Little did he know
People wanted more
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Like a frozen moment in time
Some have captions that may rhyme
Just a picture of you
Sticks to people just like glue
People edit them so they look fine
Make up a pattern or crazy design

What are they?

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Visible light
High in the sky
Between clouds of white
Up where you can fly

Colorful bars
All stretched out in line
Red, yellow, orange,
Oh my, this is fine!
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What mouse walks on two legs?
Mickey Mouse
What dog walks on two legs?
What duck walks on two legs?
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