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Mystical beings
From another land
They bring a fiery inferno
Their feathers, healers demand

And even if they die
They will always come back
For weakness and arrogance
Do these creatures lack
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~ is a plus sign
11 ~ 10 = 19 would seem false at first glance, but if you look closely, it is actually true. Can you explain how this is possible?

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What can't you run from--besides a shadow--no matter how fast you run?
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Chris and Alexis sitting in a tree

First comes love, then comes marriage.

Then comes an abrupt, tragic miscarriage.

Then comes blame,
Then comes despair,
Two hearts damaged,
Beyond repair.

Chris leaves alexis and takes the tree.

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What cries but doesn't have eyes?
The hardest mineral
Light makes it shine
And it never fractures
In one straight line

It causes love
But also war
But once you get one
You'll always want more
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I'm doing it... I'm ugly, but I'm doing it...
A lady walks into a room. While looking into a mirror, she hears someone's voice, then she immediately leaves upon realizing she made a mistake. Where was she?
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A fool or buffoon at medieval courts. A fancy hat and puffy weird shorts. From head to toe dressed surely not to impress. Not at all normal I have to confess.
Dancing and prancing In that purple poofy dress. Laughter and chanting from those with a crown. Shouting "encore" for this royal happiness. But only so much joy could go around.

A gloomy day foreshadows the kingdom, and the castle gates close. Those with the crowns are overwhelmed with boredom.
(I guess they really did get an encore after all)
But the king arose, and with a great demeanor shouting, "OFF GOES HIS HEAD!!!NO NEED TO STALL!!!"

Adjusted and fitted was this fools head in the historical guillotine. "SCCHUCCKL" goes the blade that closed the hole in between. And there it goes before the kings Throne into a Crate like box.
For many historical events similar to this has been seen.
But rather not for the king took a peek...

And found a head of a FOX.
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I am always with you
No matter where
Covered in skin
Dark or fare

It's the one very thing
Few people can steal
And this part of the body
Is very hard to heal

It contains your identity
And also your smiles
Ugly or beautiful
It'll take you miles
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