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A fool or buffoon at medieval courts. A fancy hat and puffy weird shorts. From head to toe dressed surely not to impress. Not at all normal I have to confess.
Dancing and prancing In that purple poofy dress. Laughter and chanting from those with a crown. Shouting "encore" for this royal happiness. But only so much joy could go around.

A gloomy day foreshadows the kingdom, and the castle gates close. Those with the crowns are overwhelmed with boredom.
(I guess they really did get an encore after all)
But the king arose, and with a great demeanor shouting, "OFF GOES HIS HEAD!!!NO NEED TO STALL!!!"

Adjusted and fitted was this fools head in the historical guillotine. "SCCHUCCKL" goes the blade that closed the hole in between. And there it goes before the kings Throne into a Crate like box.
For many historical events similar to this has been seen.
But rather not for the king took a peek...

And found a head of a FOX.
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I am always with you
No matter where
Covered in skin
Dark or fare

It's the one very thing
Few people can steal
And this part of the body
Is very hard to heal

It contains your identity
And also your smiles
Ugly or beautiful
It'll take you miles
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As you approach the unknown,
I will get stronger.
When you're still and stand alone,
I will stay longer.
Try fighting me on your own,
and I'll be hard to conquer.
If you cower, I'll be there,
even in a nightmare.
And when you're mine to ensnare,
you will give in to despair.
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The queen of snow
Who can control ice
And just warm up to her
She's eventually nice

She conceals
But she'll let if go
All she needs to do
Is let her powers flow
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He looks down as the man he hates the most but somehow loves the most is waiting to catch him.
He holds on with one hand shaking
While the other man is waving back at him.
He holds on for his life as fear is attached to him.
He looks up takes his last breath while he knows the other man is bowing his head in shame.
He let's go hoping for the best and that maybe one person remembers his name.

Taking a few strokes he swims out of death.

But not adored with fame
Each person might try this at one point in their life after taking a deep breath.
That is... if they can swim out of death.
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By only 3 points, the person who is eliminated from the riddle comp is...


Also, The_Lightning_Theif has chosen to drop out because of extensive homework.

The remaining toddlers are JesterFox283 and Frightning13!

Now, it's time for the FINAL SHOWDOWN.
On this round, the remaining riddlers must post TWO riddles. One riddle must be a tribute to a riddler on this app, and another must be a logic situation riddle. (For example you're in a room with three doors, etc.)

Good luck, riddlers!

The riddler with the highest overall score will be crowned the riddle champion! Also, they can choose to start another competition at any time.
He loved little children
He was the killer clown
All of this was done
In his norwood town

He lured little kids
It started with a hi
But then it got darker
And he made them all die

His first was stabbed
The rest were by neck
And he wasn't insane
That was checked

He loved to kill
But also have fun
And only by Asphyxiation
Did he have this deed done

They all wanted him dead
The numbers by the mass
And his final words
Were "Kiss my ass"
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The picture has been painted
But the looks were not deceived
Like a stormy day when the sky has been clouded
This up coming Thursday you shall make them believe

For we are masked and disguised
Without a hint for the eyes
Our thoughts shall grow closer as to be magnified
Even though our doubts and our thoughts have been neutralized
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I am a beautiful woman
And mother to all
You are my children
Yet some don't know
Me at all.
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Just last night, at a crime scene, a note was recovered. Here's what it read:
I saw two eyes staring into mine,
I looked below them, slowly, in time.
"Do you think you're ready to die?"
"Yes," I replied as I took off my tie.
He raised his weapon with his two bare hands,
My heart began to pound louder than 2 whole bands.
He smiled at me, that man named Jack.
And at the same time, I smiled back.
He thrusted his arms away from me.
That made Jack fall, he did not flee.
I cried for him while my time was fleeting,
I lied there, unmoving, my chest bleeding.
Can you solve the riddle and figure out what happened?
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