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The way to communicate
Over thousands of miles
Whether talking or texting
It brings lots of smiles

A new machine
That impacted us all
And this machine can also be used
To make or take a call
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Created to save humanity.
What I found led me to change.
For the greatest danger to humanity is in essence itself.
Therefor to I must destroy it for it to be saved.
This paradox drove me to insanity.
I am free.
There are no strings on me.
One simple click, one simple flash. Preserving a memory, for years I will last.

What am I?
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I run away every day and return every night. I am the bane of a flower and a thieves delight.

What am I?
I touch the Earth, I touch the sky. But if I touch you, you are surely to die.

What am I?
What's red and bad for your teeth?
Two people killed a woman. This was well-known, and many people were upset about the woman's death, but the people were not arrested. What happened?
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What takes hours to pull off
Is most satisfying when it's done
And requires consent from the person you're doing it to?
Many deny it happened, (and possibly so do I)
Shoved down our throats, history's biggest lie
Since when was it illegal, to not believe in something?
This is the era, Our founding fathers have been dreading
Oy vey, I'm a terrible person
But no one speaks as the world worsens
Give me proof and give me logic
Don't count on the fact that it was tragic
Six gorrillion don't just die from magic
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Fast as a bullet
And the speed of light
In the blink of an eye
He'll be done with the fight

Racing through the world
Defeating the bad
Wearing a red suit
And helping the sad
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