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Let it go
Let it go
Don't let it show
If you wear gloves
No on will know

Let it snow
Let it snow
Just run free and go
Leave the castle
To not let your _______ show
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A land where no one's older
And flying's how you go
Pirates, mermaids, crocodile
And never will you grow
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This isn't a riddle I'm dropping out of the comp
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I defy all laws of science
I have no vocal chords yet I talk
I use no energy yet I move
I have no muscles yet I walk
Without cells and a brain
I prance around
I came from the sky that fell to the ground

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Frail and small
Locked in a tower
Longing for her sister
Trying to control her power

The gates were opened
She tried to conceal
But soon enough
She began to feel

Her powers took hold
And soon flew the ice
She ran to the mountains
Made a palace that would suffice

She fought the intruders
With ice and snow
But Hans' intentions
She did not know

She whipped up a storm
To escape his grasp
But onto a sword
Did his hands clasp

She then thawed a country
And her sister's heart
The royalty of arendelle
She plays the part
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A man went jogging one day, and jogged around town for 30 minutes, yet when he finished jogging he had travelled nowhere.
How is this possible?
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It was a snowy day outside. A bank had been robbed but there were only one set of footprints leading away from the bank. The banker was the only one reported in the bank but he didn't do it. Very close by was Jeff's house. The footprints lead to Jeff's house and the banker was inside the house.

If there was only one set of footprints, how could Jeff have done it?
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How does Bill Gates go shopping?
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A bank manager was dying, so he called his two sons to his deathbed. He told them, "my will is in a safe, and all my belongings goes to the one that can open it. It is passcode protected, and the one of you who can figure it out gets the will." Upon the manager's death, the lawyer gave the two sons a slip of paper.

The password is a word hidden in my arm.

With this slip of paper, the brothers check their fathers arms, but only find an old tattoo of a shark he had gotten from his days in the army. When the first brother tries to open the safe, he fails. When the second brother tried to open the safe, it opened.
What was thepassword?
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Everyone wants it
and they think they understand it,
but when they have it
they don't know how to explain it.
Some people think they've found it
but they really haven't.
And it can also hurt you,
but only if you let it.