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If you were here a lonnng time ago, like 2 years, who's still here? It's been forever and I haven't been on this app and I'm just curious
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I have 3 hands but no arms
I make a sound whenever you say
To stop me put me to sleep
If you pull the end of my tail I die
And I start my work at night

What am I?
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It moves around in circles.
We see as we turn.
It keeps us almost warm.
Always alive and always dying.
Across the sky we see it flying.
But touch it and we burn.
With great intelligence
She learned quite quick
And for the academy
She was the top pick

She loves a boy named eren
Who once saved her life
From 3 murderers
An angel of strife
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Some say it has pillars, but all know it has no walls.

With it any thing is possible, without it there is no hope.
Something that you must never tell
Something that you know very well
I can be short I can be long
I can be right I can be wrong

I can be happy I can be sad
I can be something very bad
A crush, a habit, but just one thing
The way you sleep the way you sing.

What am I?

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The roof it cracked,
The home is torn,
Spilling embryonic fluid,
To devour the unborn
Lifeless body,
Dropping to its grave,
Deprived of spirit,
Too late to save
Brought to the circle,
Blackened with flame,
Unseen voices chant,
As he dies without a name
Mountains and valley
To one they unite
And with great power
This country does fight

United we stand
Divided we fall
Our one great symbol
Is an eagle's call
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Son taken from his home,
far and wide he must roam
venture near a singing dome
Accompanied by a talk show host
Of his journey he made the most
Not food, my squishy!
100 years old, no boast
To find him on down understand coast.

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Sticky and coulerful,
Or bland to your taste,
Pick me out,
And roll me on down,
Because il be here for a while,
Watching over you.