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Upon the dusk falling
I rise into the sky
I'm assisted in lighting
As time passes by

But when the dawn breaks
My assistant returns
And takes over the show
'Till the final light burns
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I'm the king of the tricksters, the court jester of cons

I have tons of tricks, and am quite fond of bombs

You will never catch me, no matter how long you stare

My famous trick involves a little hare
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What did George Washington say when he saw his face minted onto a quarter?
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I ride my white stallion with my brothers,
I believe I'm much stronger than others,
For when I arrive
No one's left alive
Even the children and mothers.
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How much force would it take to chop off your finger?
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How do you troll an emo kid?
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Starts as a bud all green outside,
Starts to open!
Little by little, pedals come out one by one,
They won't stop till the job is done.
But after this, little by little they whither away,
Till next spring they'll come again!
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Two different nations
Torn by a wall
Made of stone and iron
Across europe it stood tall

One side was free
The other was in chains
One's economy was great
The other always had pains

And so the day the two sides unite
Each nation's leader took the call
And so Mr. Gorbachev
---- ---- ---- ----
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I was first to discover,
I was the first to land,
In ol' America,
But later I was banned.

Mum was a Christian,
But dad was pagan,
America lost,
Before wars begun.

Who am I?
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A great human catastrophe
that turned people to
Vitality was lost.
Compassion came at a cost.
Towns of medieval
were cleared of its people
because of a dark presence...
a great pestilence...

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