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I stand side by side with my brothers and sisters. We all have different skin colors, but we all have the same two parents. What am I?
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I watched as the city of new York shook uncontrollably, it finally stopped and the whole city was covered in water, It then began snowing as tall as 1/8th of the empire state building!

All this happened yet every building stay standing, not one life perished or harmed.

How did this happen??
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Down by the beach there is a man sitting minding his own business when a random guy with a surfboard yells out TSUNAMI, so the guy packs up and runs back to his house and watched the city get destroyed but his house was not harmed.

How is this possible?

Hint: hight
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I am around the world
And am hated very much,
But to some I am loved.
As the year gets older I start to grow,
And when the year is near its end
I start to die off.
What am I?
I see it happening,
But do not budge
There's others to help
Though no one will nudge
The victim is dying
It's alright
I never knew them
It ain't my fight
By watching him,
I've done my best
Others will step up,
I can just rest
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Here I stand; tall, dark and slim,
While you're here on your last limb,
The fact I'm here is a sign,
You must now be out of time,
Flick through the time of your life,
My scythe pierces you like a knife.

But who am I?
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Hint :4

It is very shady today.

I have eaten slim jims.

I don't like monster house with young children.

I worship my god on sundays and other days.

The house was white on the outside.

What do these things have in common? Who do they describe?
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Maid of Orleans
The saint of France
She led the french army
On a battle's advance

Enemy of England
Burned at the stake
She fought for the heavens
And the people's sake

She went on
For years to be known
As a saint and a warrior
Her powers she honed

She died by fire
Her body was burned
But the hundred years war
It's tide was turned
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In the air is a place I'll be
Or with my friends messing about
But when I'm not messing about
I will be found with a sword in my hand
Or perhaps even a spear
I may sound like I'm a superman
But I'm nothing without my friends.

Who am I?
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Breathing stopped
Heart hiatus
A horrid one
Makes no good status
From age or sickness
And many many more
Being this
Makes hearts quite sore
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