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An endless time.
So hard to rhyme.
Nothing to do.
I feel like poo.
That was random.
I'll find a new fandom.
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To destroy humanity
Is my cause
And I eat them
With no pause

I tower over men
And block out the sun
To kill all humans is my quest
And I shall not stop until it is done
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I stalk you through
The morning light
I creep upon
Until it's bright

Slice the sky open
Like a knife
Hey, without me
There would be no life
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My roots are planted in a rounded bed.
I grow downward; I'm far lighter than lead.
You tug me and chop me and move me around.
You can do all this, and I'll hardly make a sound.
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A great man
Who knew what was right
And during the cold war
He gave a great fight

He lead america to greatness
And brought peace to the war
And became a president
Although he rose from the poor
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I let you move
I spin things around
I let you think
I love to hug the ground
I can be generated
I ain't alive
I flow through you
Without me you can't survive
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Get on me and ride the lightning
Lets see what high voltage will bring
I'm sending you on a one way trip
My power ain't givin' no one any slip
Thunderstruck you'll be
Don't worry I'll set you free
I'm the throne of the wretched
Theres many good souls I've fetched
Maybe y'all gonna ride me some time
Punished for the thing, that was your crime

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I'm a circle of varying height
Every weekend my occupants fight
A battle of death
Many breathe their last breath
While a crowd cheers in broad daylight

What am I?
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They know all your secrets
They are at your house
They've slept in your bed
They've borrowed your blouse
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What has a neck that's about the height of it's body, and a head that's about the height of your hand?