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I am round
Squishy, even
People say I'm a delight
There's a piece of my missing
Yet I'm still "hole" without it
I come in various colors
Sizes, even
There's many of me
Yet nothing quite like me
What am I?
A sudden subtraction, gone out of your life
A missing component, causing grief and strife
You will always miss them be friend, pet, family, or wife
Just one day disappeared called away by the dark angles fife
A sudden subtraction gone out of your life
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Unthankful little brats, they cry over everything
Worshipping idiots, who can't even sing
Slicing their skin, with razors and knives
Never seen hell, yet bitch about their lives
Should bleach more than just their hair,
They act like nobody would care
My name is Drunk Carrot, and I'll tell you what:
There's Clorox in the fridge, and y'all better drink that while you cut
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1. Why did the chicken cross the carnival?
2. Why did the chicken cross the ocean?
3. Why did the chicken cross the playground?
4. Why did the chicken propose to his girlfriend?
5. Why did the chicken go to the customer service desk at the museum?
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I make blood everywhere, even though no one gets hurt, I'm a storm that doesn't drop rain drops but something else more sticky

What am I?
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Why did the supervillain situate his evil lair in the Earth's core?
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Im in the center
where everyone can see,
all of the treasures
I hold for thee.
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A detective
Dead I may be
In fact a skeleton
But who cares about that
I use my magic
With Valkyrie
I am an elemental but also
A necromancer too
He may hide that for he himself
Fought his best friends
The skeleton detective he is

Who am I?
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