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Always moving foward
Never looking back
Slowly ticking away
Speed it does lack

It comes day and night
Until it runs out
And it never lasts forever
For everyone there is no doubt
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I am young but smart
No one is sure if they understand me
But my family dog does
No one respects my sister
My father and brother are fat
I've tried to kill my mother
But failed at every attempt

Who am I?
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I'm cubicle and have things put inside me. Little kids and cats love me. But only when I am empty. I'm used for eBay, Amazon, etc. And I am taped up when I'm sent away.

What am I?
Freedom's an illusion and our ranks are spreading thin
We talk about terrorists but fail to see the enemy within
Keep watching your colored lcd screens
They love to work behind the scenes
Your destiny ain't gonna be yours to decide
Never will you realize how they've lied
Resting in their hands is your fate
But hey, it's free real estate, m8
The illuminati ain't just a fairy tale
Look at you, your rights are up for sale
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As I wind through the leaves
Dashing through branches
Running from giants and bang-sticks

When the air turns sharp and white flys through the air with me
I puff up, growing thicker

Then it warms up
And I grow skinny again,
never losing a day of playing with my family in our little home up high

In the air is where I stay,
Hiding from both predators and prey
I am small and weak,
But most underestimate me.
I'm quick and light
I leave quickly when in danger,
And scream the news of bad in that areas or all to hear.

Some giants want to kill or capture me and my kind
Some find me beautiful and watch me in the shadows
But most find my chatter annoying and yell or throw big hard things at me.
But even a few find a warm spot in their hearts and toss me crumbs as a small treat.

What am I?
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I am all some see,
They cannot surpass me.
They cannot get around me.

I am too majestic,
Too magnificent,
They cannot handle me.

I take over, having all control
Lust, wants, and feelings

As I overwhelm them,
They seem happier.
Then they check their wallets, and see me laughing.

A few drink, a few get high, and even some do all types of odds and ends.
I strip their old lifestyle and motives away,
I steal their self control.

What am I?
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They do stuff before its cool
But they just make themselves look like a tool
Usually found on streets smoking weed
A bit of lynching is what they need
Wearing huge glasses that make them look like nerds
Though unlike the latter, they lack the wise words
Claim to be different, yet all look the same
If the goal is to be anarchist, then they've lost the game
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Lifted up in a box, with just a name.
But it's not your fault WICKED's to blame
Up in the glade life is hard
A house, trees, a giant yard
Stay out of the maze you'll be fine
Go in the maze, Greivers gona' dine
Shuck-Face language you need to know
But your the greenie here so just stay low
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A lonely man
With only a box
With two broken hearts
They always come an go, and he has no one left

An angel of The Lord
Who raised him up
A broken brother
Full of mistrust

A highly functioning sociopath
With his trusty friend
The tall one is a genius,
The other is simply a man

All of these people know me,
For I am always around.
Some call me hatred, pain, loss, or fear
But I only seek a friend.
You wallow in me, yet while I feel so powerful,
You rise up, talk to people,
And run from me once more.

Who am I?
As wind strikes trees
Blasting off leaves
Taking away the young growth

The jackets stretch tighter
The nights grow longer
And the homeless are in danger

Children are screaming
Parents are grumbling
And cars are tumbling

Windows are causes of fears
Temperatures are causes of tears
Blankets are causes of joy

Snuggling tighter
Freezing together
Warming each other

I cause them to cringe
I call them to tears
I take the young and old from you.

What am I?
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