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What Am I

2316 riddles

Riddles where you have to find out what is being described.

I'll find you eventually
You can't hide from me
I can end your suffering
And set you free

I am portrayed rather grotesquely
Many fear me
But the same goes for everyone
I'll find you eventually...

What am I?
You can't stop me. I'm always moving. Your heart beats to my rhythm. I am ever lasting. What am I?
You can't run.
You can't hide.
I'm inside you.
It's hard to control me.
I cause tons of bad things to happen.
What am I?
You control me. I am good and bad. Everyone has me. I'm part of your mind. I come up with ideas. I am not your brain, but part of it.
What am I?
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I am good and bad
I am unpredictable
I leave you some time
Everything probably once had me
You must have me since you are reading this
What am I?
I can help you
I can scare you
I will save your life someday
You always have some of me
I am the answer to everything
You will get more to add onto me
I am hidden in your mind, beneath your deepest thoughts
What am I?
I am yours
You may share me
I give you food
It's a day
You get to party with you friends
What am I?
I am comfort
I am fear

I am light
I am death

I am entertainment
I am worry

I am hot
I am cold

I am danger
I am safe

I am unpredictable
I am controllable

What am I?
I am the sky
I am water
I am glass
I am color
I have a type of music named after me
What am I?
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I can have any color on me.
I am half way green.
I have petals on me.
I love water.
I sometimes like the sun.

What am I?