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Latest Riddles

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I'm always in my house
I'm always in Starbucks
In fact I'm first in line
I'm always in sports
I'm even in swimming
I'm in the gas station to
I'm not in a family :(
But I am in a safe place

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Furry and soft
Black and white fur
Bamboo diet
And they say grr

What is it?
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As I stand here, dodging,
While I'm getting stronger,
I keep telling myself,
"Don't wait any longer".

I can't beat him, I'm weak,
What new form will I need?
Now I've changed, now I'm new,
And now I can succeed!

What am I?
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I let everyone in.

I'm welcoming to all.

I am usually at inns,

I'm not in a ball.

Now based on these hints what am I??
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Goldie the gold fish found a fond rock. The rock looked at her, and she looked at him. They sat for awhile then talked for a bit. Then Goldie then thought, should I ask him his name young fellow rock? For Goldie was shy and so was the rock. As the chilly currents passed by, Goldie then asked, may I ask you your name young fellow rock? I'm cold aren't you? Asked the rock. So Goldie swam by, and got cozy in her seaweed pouch. Young Goldie never knew, what rock was all about. So ask yourself now, what was young fellow rocks name, anyway?
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I'm in the ocean.
I start evolution.
I end time.
I start and end engine.

And though these things have nothing in common, they have me in common

What am I ?
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The feeling of freeness
Only for the strong
And if something bad happens
It won't take long

It's good and bad
It shall only depend
If a life is in the balance
Will you attack or defend?
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You can make them on a loom.
Ouch! That band just snapped, guess I'll need a new one.
I'll need a broom to clean all these Broken bands up.
It's so addicting, just can't stop.
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I just... I can't
This book is too much
OTPs and ships
And canons and such

What am I doing?
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