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Latest Riddles

In this infinite cube land
Stone, gravel, dirt, and sand
Build in the day, survive through the night
Craft some armor, you'll have to fight
Mine and mine until you can't
if you die you will rant
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An american actor
Who had great success
And when he was president
He always did his best

He fought the evil empire
And worked for what was right
And dreamed of the city on the hill
Every day and night
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The time to start over
To erase the board
Chalk in new words
And you'll not be ignored

Time for new instructors
Maybe classmates too
It will be so changed
But not really that new

New pencils and paper
Supplies for the year
The first week is fun
Then followed by drear
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I used to be the tallest building in NYC, but then I took an Arab to the knee
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A village to foster
With lands to explore
A house you can build
And oh, so much more

There's weeds and flowers
And trees galore
If you shake one
Loot will fall on the floor

Remember to talk
To keep your peeps glad
Being mayor was sudden
But it's all you have

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What suspends until it falls, resulting in a mess?
What is full of life but doesnt talk
I am round
Squishy, even
People say I'm a delight
There's a piece of my missing
Yet I'm still "hole" without it
I come in various colors
Sizes, even
There's many of me
Yet nothing quite like me
What am I?
A sudden subtraction, gone out of your life
A missing component, causing grief and strife
You will always miss them be friend, pet, family, or wife
Just one day disappeared called away by the dark angles fife
A sudden subtraction gone out of your life
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Unthankful little brats, they cry over everything
Worshipping idiots, who can't even sing
Slicing their skin, with razors and knives
Never seen hell, yet bitch about their lives
Should bleach more than just their hair,
They act like nobody would care
My name is Drunk Carrot, and I'll tell you what:
There's Clorox in the fridge, and y'all better drink that while you cut
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